Niles Zee Photographs

I'm Niles. I turn Movement into Art.

I think most humans are heroes in their own unique way. I capture the extraordinary in ordinary people.

My style is a combination between photojournalism and fine-art photography. I primarily focus on movements – protests, demonstrations, community events, and portraits of activists. I’m enchanted with expression, natural light, black and white, yearning, and the feel of film.

My Skills


People hire me because of my skill at capturing candid, emotive, and authentic moments during events. My forte is shooting demonstrations.


I'm committed to capturing portraits that not only make you look amazing, but draw out your personality and spirit.

Fine Art and Fashion

I'm currently working with a number of talented models to hone my fine art and fashion photography skills. I'm drawn to both dark and moody tones as well as warm and summery feelings.


I'm honing my videography skills by filming demonstrations and events. I also work with local musicians on promotional videos.

Why Choose Me?


You can count on me to capture your most intimate moments because I am driven by the values of solidarity, compassion, and justice.


My skills are built from careful study and practice. People choose me because my work speaks for itself.


I have the right equipment to produce the highest quality images, from digital media to film. 


Whether its the nostalgic feel of film, or the clarity of digital, I compose and tone my images to deliver the look you’re dreaming of. 


My love affair with humanity cues me to capture the intimacy, furtive expressions, and special moments between my clients.


I ensure every client I work for is satisfied with my services. I’m always professional, prompt, and responsive.

Latest News

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